Knickers: Change your underwear!

Frills allow you to easily extend the functionality of Knickers.

To see a list of available Frills, go here.
For infomation about creating your own Frills, go here.

Once you know the name of the Frill you want to use, installing it is easy.

[KNICKERS_ROOT]/scripts/frills.php install [frill name]
If you have multiple Knickers projects on your system, you may want to install Frills at the Knickers level rather then the application level. You still need to activate the frill on each of KNICKERS_APP_ROOTs, but they can all work from a central version of the frill's codebase
[KNICKERS_ROOT]/scripts/frills.php --knickers install [frill name]

If the frill is a set of library classes, you can load them in your page by doing

where the path is the "partial path". A list of the partial paths for a given frill are given at install time; but if you forget, you can always do
[KNICKERS_ROOT]/scripts/frills.php list [frill name]

If you want to remove a frill, you can do

[KNICKERS_ROOT]/scripts/frills.php remove [frill name]