Knickers: Change your underwear!

Download it. You can either click this link, or, assuming you have wget installed:

wget --content-disposition

Unpack it someplace. Doesn't have to be web-accesible. (Replace the 'x.x.x' with whatever version number you received.)

tar xvzf knickers_x.x.x.tgz

An optional step to make things easier to remember later is to either rename the directory to just 'knickers' (instead of knickers_x.x.x), or create a symlink to it:

ln -s knickers_x.x.x knickers

Make a note of where this directory is -- this is KNICKERS_ROOT, and you'll need to know this later. That is, if you unpacked the file in /home/yourname, and made a symlink /home/yourname/knickers, then /home/yourname/knickers is KNICKERS_ROOT.

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