Knickers: Change your underwear!

Because Thing plays such a major role in Knickers development, it deserves its own in-depth documentation.

Field Configuration [back to top]

There are a number of parameters you can specify in the configuration array:

Field-Level Callbacks [back to top]

Thing provides callback hooks for nearly everything it does. This makes it immensely flexible but also immensely confusing. Below are listed the callbacks, when they are called, what they are sent, and what you are expected to send back from them.

Thing-Level Callbacks [back to top]

In addition to functions that are executed based on certain things happening to field data, Thing provides functions that are executed based on what's happening to the Thing overall.

Special Relative Handling [back to top]

Sometimes your Thing needs to deal with its relatives in a more customized fashion. If you do so, there are some things you should know.

Reserved Words [back to top]

Certain words are reserved for Thing's interaction with other objects. These include: